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Warm & cool for [ profile] inspired20in20

«I've dreamt in my life dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas; they've gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the colour of my mind.» - Wuthering Heights, Emily Brontë. (I freaking love Wuthering Heights!)

Again, a batch for [ profile] inspired20in20 - this is all I do of late, it seems. This round's theme was Warm & cool and although my muse was gone for the past couple of weeks, I really, really wanted to do this round because I love this theme and because I've never really bothered with cool/blue icons. So this round actually challenged me very, very much. (I assume that's why my muse was gone for so long because I struggled with what I wanted to do for this round.)

I decided to take the inspiriation literally and did a set of cool (read: blue) and warm (read: orange) icons. After struggling a lot with the blue icons, I actually like them even more than the warm ones and I have a few that I legitimately favour among them.

I planned to claim "Once Upon a Time" initially but changed my mind before I started making any icons and chose "Slumdog Millionaire" instead. I love this movie so much and it has some beautiful cool and warm shots (and wonderful close-ups). And it's just an overall emotional movie with very sad and very happy scenes... but enough with the rambling already.

24 icons of Slumdog Millionaire under the cut...



Hope you enjoy! ♥

→ texture credit goes to [ profile] innocent_lexys @ [ profile] satine_violet

P/S: I read the first book of the "The Hunger Games" series when I was sick two weeks ago and I liked the book. It's a really fast read and the action is very good. The writing is not the best on earth but it wasn't that bad either. The characters overall were okay and I did like the female lead, Katniss. I didn't, however, really like her so-called "love interest", Peeta (what a name). I don't know why, he just came off very whiny, annoying and useless and I'm quite baffled by the undying love this guy seems to receive in the fandom. Meh. I guess I'm too old for this or something. :s

If someone knows of good meta on the political and social themes in these books, they're very welcome to guide me in the right direction. As for the other books, maybe I'll read the second one because of what I heard of it, I might actually enjoy another round in the arena. The third book though... I don't know yet. Maybe if I'm sick again someday (or when I want to tear my hair out over my thesis) I'll give it a try, too.

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These are FIERCE! I can't decide which I like better, the warm or the or cold icons. But the crops and the lighting is fantastic.
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Oh wow, you were FAST! :D Thanks so much for this lovely comment. Personally, I'm leaning more towards the blue icons... but maybe just because these were totally out of my comfort zone. ♥

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Haha, it was pure coincidence that I happened to come online and your post was right at the top of my flist. :)

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First of all, PEETA FOR LIFE. I love that character. If I didn't love talking to you so much, I'd worry that our relationship might be in jeopardy cuz of our disparate opinions on him! :P

In all seriousness though, it's wonderful to hear that making this batch gave you the opportuniity to work on blue/cool tones. Like you, I pretty much always tend toward warm, red/orange icons, so blues and purples are a stretch, but it's really fun, right?

Very clever and hard-hitting composition in 2. It looks like the boys are staring at a shattered mirror, and the darkness of their silhouettes against the light blue is very visually striking! I love profile icons, so 3 caught my eye right away. Screening the large profile against the smaller silhouettelends a sad, wistful feeling to the piece. I love the white and purple cutting through 10! It gives you an idea of the trials the two characters endure throughout the movie and how they can't be broken apart from each other despite those trials! The close crop in 11 is WOW. His skin looks like it has a slightly painted feel to it, and that's very arresting and intriguing. Her skin is lit flawlessly in 12. Excellent job with the crop and contrast in that icon! YOWZA with the crop in 14! It's very simple and clean and lets the emotion shine through without any fuss. Dying over the wide crop in 15 and how it allows her to look sorta lost and distant cuz of all the wide space around her. The yellows and oranges in that piece are exquisite! 19 really coudn't be more sensual if it tried. The closeness of the crop speaks volumes about the characters' shared passion!
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LOL. Tbh, I was quite indifferent towards his character while reading the book, I only started to dislike him when I did my usual 'wading through the internet for other's opinions after reading'. And only stumbling upon Peeta praise after Peeta praise, I got slightly annoyed with him. His character really just wasn't for me, I missed character flaws I got with Katniss, and he was a little too passive for my liking. But most of all, I really, really didn't want a love story within the book... it felt forced (I know, it basically was forced within the story as well) and quite pointless. :( (I guess I just wanted to read about a strong female lead without there being a romance... which is too much to ask for a YA novel, I know. ;)) Maybe the movie will change my POV, but I honestly doubt it because the last convincing love story I saw in a movie was in "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" which is so wrong and weird on so many levels. :3


I could really feel myself stepping out of my comfort zone with those blue icons and when I finally got the hang of it, it really was so much fun. MAYBE NOW I WILL FINALLY MASTER THE PURPLE COLOURING I ALWAYS WANTED TO DO!!! Maybe my next batch will be purple icons entirely. Everything will be purple and nothing hurts. Erm, anyways, yep, it was a lot of fun. :)

I'm so glad you like the composition in #2, the caps just lend themselves for this - the two newly orphaned boys looking at a scattered picture of their mother... it's so heartbreaking. :(

It gives you an idea of the trials the two characters endure throughout the movie and how they can't be broken apart from each other despite those trials!
I always love your interpretations! :3 Even if I didn't think about it while making the icon, IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE AND I LOVE IT! And the picture for #14 is simply beautiful and I didn't have to add much, really. It's one of my favourites as well, so I'm especially glad you like it. :D

Thanks so much for this wonderful comment, Kim. Your lovely feedback always makes me smile! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

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These are unbelievably pretty. Love the close crops (esp. 5, 12, 14), and the textured look of 4, 9 and 13.
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Aww, thanks so much for your lovely comment! This movie has some amazing close-up shots... so I can't really take all the credit for the close crops but will take it anyway with much thanks. ;) I'm glad you like them! ♥

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Wow, these are stunning--your cropping is fantastic! I am loving 3, 4, 6, 10, 13, 14, and 19.
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Thanks so much! Glad you like the cropping so much and of course, the icons. It warms my heart! ♥

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wow these are so pretty, fantastic job!
I really love them all, but especially #3, 10, 19, 14
also just fyi your link you posted at inspired20in20for this post is a bit broken :)
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Yay, thanks so much for this wonderful comment! And thank you so much for pointing out the wrong link to me... phew, totally forgot how to HTML there, lol. ;)

Anyways, thanks for your lovely comment, I'm glad you like the icons! Actually, your favourites are mine as well, so I'm really happy you like them! ♥

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So I've never seen this movie, but your preview caught my eye. Seriously. I couldn't not look at your set. I was compelled! The rich colors and interesting crops were just too gorgeous to pass up having a look at, and I am super glad that I did! This set is amazing! There's something so intense and magical about it, I don't know. I'm not even sad that you gave up on a Once Upon a Time claim!

I'm not sure which set (cold or warm) that gets me the most. My eyes are instantly drawn to the warm set, but I think that's because they are so bright. The close crops in that set, though, are absolutely ridiculously amazing. 14, 17, 19, and 20 all slay me with how magnificent they are. The quality is amazing, and your light is still superb even at such a close range, you know? They are so intense. 17 might be my favorite though. The angle you've cropped at is so unique and interesting, and my eyes are happy following the slant and then all the curves. And the light right over her cheekbone is just gorgeous as well. I love the wide crop in 15 as well though! It's simply beautiful!

And the cold set is super impressive as well. I think 05 was the one that first drew my attention in. Again, it is so intense. The shadows and the icy purple blues are just so atmospheric, it's crazy! It's like there melancholy and hope all wrapped up into one. Gorgeous work with that one. And all the wide shots in this one! If the warm set was all about the close cropping then the cold set is all about those wide crops! 3 is positively stunning. Love the blending work here; it's unusual and unique, but gorgeous. 4 is amazing as well. The movement is amazing, and I love the texture work on it. AND THEN 10. ALL THE AWARDS TO 10. What an amazingly brilliant and flawless icon. It's so smooth and glossy, the light work is out of this world amazing, and the silhouettes are perfect. I love it so much.

So, yes, brilliant job! Both sets are breath-taking. ♥
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Oh wow, wow, wow. Thank you SO, SO much for this fabulous comment! You should definitely give the movie a try because it's a truly wonderful movie, very beautiful and breathtaking. It's one of my all-time favourites!

I'm really glad you like both sets so much... my favourite is the cold set because it's something I never really tried before. Cold/blue icons were never something I did because warm and bright colours come much more naturally to me. I really tried to get out of my comfort zone with these first 10 icons. And I'm so glad you like #5 because I like it a lot, too. I always love to read other's interpretations of certain icons because there are so many wonderful and interesting angles.

I'm so glad you like the icons. Thank you so much for this wonderful comment and your detailed feedback! It means a lot! ♥

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das sind echt hübsche icons!
slumdog millionaire ist wirklich ein toller film und du hast da was gutes draus gemacht!
3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, 13 und 15 find ich am schönsten

the hunger games fand ich richtig gut. ich mein ich hatte es sogar als spezialgebiet in englisch bei meiner matura ^^
hast du dann auch vor dir den film anzusehen?
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Dankeschön! ♥ "Slumdog Millionaire" ist einer meiner absoluten Lieblingsfilme. Einfach superhübsch gefilmt und eine wunderschöne, bittersüße Geschichte.

Oh wow, das ist ziemlich cool... Ich wünschte, wir hätten in Englisch auch sowas durchgenommen, aber meine Englischlehrerin wäre mit dem Niveau wahrscheinlich überfordert gewesen. (Als ich mein Abi machte, konnte ich besser Englisch als sie... so wie jeder andere in meinem Kurs auch. Echt traurig.) :s
Ich hab definitiv vor, den Film anzusehen. Mal schauen, noch hab ich niemanden gefunden, der mit mir gehen will... vielleicht schau ich ihn mir nächste Woche auch einfach allein an. Selbst ist die Frau. Und die Kritiken sind ja zur Abwechslung mal wirklich positiv!

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Das is wahr!

Ne, in Englisch selber haben wir THG nicht durchgenommen (dafür Slumdog Millionaire ♥). In Österreich is es, zumindest an den Gymnasien, so, dass man zu dem allgemeinen Maturastoff auch noch ein eigenes Thema hat, das man sich selbst aussuchen darf, worüber man dann bei der mündlichen auch ne Frage gestellt bekommt.

Ja, ich hoffe auch ich finde die Woche wen! Und sonst zwinge ich meine Schwester ^^

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Ich muss nochmal erwähnen, dass ich den Film liebe. SO, SO SCHÖN ♥
Ich könnte mich gar nicht entscheiden, ob ich die blauen oder die orangenen mehr mag, wenn ich ehrlich bin. Die haben beide wirklich ihren Charme und sind sehr, sehr toll geworden.
#9 und #10 sind toll ♥ Und in #9 mag ich die/der/die/das/was auch immer Texture (wenn es denn eine ist), die du drüber gehauen hast und #10 gewinnt durch das Licht. Bei den orangenen mag ich die closecrops in #12, #14 & #17. In #11 muss ich gestehen, dass ich den gelben Teil rechts etwas störend finde in #17 passt das gelbe Licht dafür unfassbar gut.

Hoffe du bist wieder topfit und von jeglichen Krankheiten geheilt?
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Das kann man nie oft genug erwähnen! Der Film ist mir einer der liebsten... und bis heute der Film, der mir einen klaren Sieg beim Oscartippen anno dazumal beschert hat. ;)

Ich freu mich, dass beide Sets so gut ankommen, aber mein Favorit ist ganz klar das kalte Set. Das war einfach mal was Neues und eine kleine Herausforderung, weil es irgendwie schwer für mich ist, blaue Icons zu machen. ;) Das in #9 ist definitiv eine Texture... und wenn ich mich recht erinnere, müsste es eine von [ profile] innocent_lexys sein. Das bei #11 kann ich verstehen - das war irgendwie ein schwieriges Bild, da es auf der linken Seite von sehr, sehr gelbem Rauch und auf der rechten Seite von seinem sehr, sehr großen Ohr dominiert wurde. ;)

Japp, ich hab mich wieder erholt, alle Erkältungen ausgeschwitzt. :D Wie laufen bei dir die letzten Züge des Studiums? (Ich hoffe, besser als bei mir!) ♥♥♥

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Ich hab meistens mit warmen Farben mehr Probleme, als mit kalten :D aber es gibt auch Tage, da löwt einfach nix und egal, welche Farbe im Spiel ist, bescheiden ;)

Zu den letzten Zügen meines Studiums schweige ich mich besser aus. Ich hab mich immer noch nicht um Prüfungsthemen gekümmert, weil ich den total leeren Kopf habe und dauernd denke, ach diese Mails kannst du auch morgen noch schreiben, oder übermorgen, oder nächste Woche oder vielleicht NIE :( Ich nerve mich diesbezüglich selber total an. Keine Freude. Meine Arbeit ist in der Zwischenzeit korrigiert, wie mein Prüfer mir ausrichten hat lassen, ich hab aber den Wisch mit der Note noch nicht. Alles plöd, ich bleibe dabei. Auf der einen Seite hänge ich total in den Seilen, auf der anderen kann ich mich aber nicht aufraffen etwas dagegen zu tun.
Wie siehts bei dir aus? Arbeit schon angefangen?

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Pretty batch, I really like the close crops and texture use :)