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Icons; Atonement for [ profile] inspired20in20

So, I finished my first round over at [ profile] inspired20in20. (Yay!) The theme was "season" and I claimed "Atonement" (Quelle surprise!). It was a bit overwhelming at first but yay, I finished! I took the different "chapters" of the movie, the journey of Robbie and Cecilia and took them as the several seasons of their love - starting with spring (the slowly growing awareness of their love for each other), summer (hot sex in the library their awakening and ~the evening of loveTM), following autumn (Robbie's time in France because the cinematography in that is stunning and, tbh, I had the most fun with this sequence) and finally winter (Briony's "atonement", Robbie's and Cecilia's deaths and their "happy ending").
The overall theme was my main inspiration for now (I feared it'd be too much had I used more), but I used some of the provided textures by [ profile] lookslikerain and [ profile] sintonia as well.

Spring - Two Figures by a Fountain

Summer - Damn you, Briony!

Autumn - Robbie's way back home

Winter - I gave them their happiness.

I hope you like them. ♥

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These are beautiful. I love the coloring in 4, 5, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14...etc. They're just so gorgeous!
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Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I'm glad you like them. :D

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Oh wonderful icons again! :)
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*squee* Thanks so much! ♥

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Awww... die sind dir mal wieder wundervoll gelungen *aus das gif starr* ;)
Die Farben passen toll zu der jeweiligen Jahreszeit und sind im Allgemeinen einfach klasse. Meine Favoriten sind 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 16, 18 und 19. Also fast alle :D Applaus, Applaus, wirklich umwerfende Arbeiten! :)

P.S.: Die restlichen Kommentare folgen die Tage, komme einfach zu nichts in letzter Zeit - schlimm!
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Die GIF ist großartig, oder? Ein einzelner Mensch dürfte eigentlich nicht so hübsch sein... obwohl, bei James mach ich da gerne eine Ausnahme. ;)

Ich hab wirklich versucht, die Farben etwas den Jahreszeiten anzupassen und ich freu mich, dass es geklappt hat. Es freut mich so, dass dir so viel gefällt. Einige dieser Icons waren zum Haareraufen. ♥

P/S: Mach dir keinen Kopf - ich komme im Augenblick auch kaum hinterher.

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#16 is incredible! It totally grabbed my eye in your teaser, and I love all the darkness surrounding her cuz it's fitting for the character's somber mood. Plus, it really draws your eye into the middle cuz the lighting/contrast in her face is bright and lovely! Ugh, the soft blue of her dress is to die for!

#10 also has fantastic neg space going for it, and the lovely array of colors in his face are so soft and mellow. That icon has a wonderfully romantic, wistful vibe.

Snagging #7 cuz I've been meaning to make a new icon featuring that scene (my username origin!), and I'm too lazy, and yours is pretty and well-lit and shiny, so thanks for saving me the trouble!

#20 is so gorgeous and has such a feeling of hope! Wonderful choice to go B/W, and the blend is quite flawless. Love the colored borders on top and bottom as well. Very nice detailing there!

#18 is all about the crop and lighting, which are both fabulous


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I hope you making this gorgeous post means you're feeling better and healthier, dear! *hugs*
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I redid most of this batch a few times and I'm quite happy with how it turned out in the end. #16 was actually the first icon I made for this and I wanted it to be very simple and kind of cold because it's just about Briony, her loneliness and her atonement - "no rhymes, no embellishments, no adjectives". I always loved how much this scene resembeld the one of young Briony giving her testimony in the library.

If it's even possible, the origin of your username makes you even more awesome. (I already knew, I just never got the chance to tell you. :D) The screencaps of this scene are hell to work with - everything is dark and brown and limbs. It's a pity because it's pure hotness.

And I'm already feeling a lot better and I hope it stays this way. (I'm not driving myself nuts and take it slow.) Thanks so much for your well-wishes and your lovely comments, my dear! ♥

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I'm so awed by your persistence and energy! Once I get super frustrated with something, I usually just give up. I don't know how you find the ability to keep scrapping batches and starting all over!

It definitely has a coldness with all the blues, which is so appropriate for the character's remorseful mindframe. I think once you successfully made that icon, your mind probably realized "This is the batch I'll stick with cuz it's already starting off brilliantly with the very first piece!"

So glad you're feeling better now, and like you, I hope it stays that way. *HUGS*

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deine icons sind echt klasse! mir gefallen besonders die vom frühling
meine lieblinge sind 2, 3, 4, 6, 13, 15 und 20 :)

den film sollte ich mir auch echt mal bald ansehn!
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Aww, danke dir! Es freut mich, dass sie dir gefallen. :)

Das solltest du definitiv! Es ist ein wunderschöner Film (sowohl von den Bildern als auch von der Geschichte), aber du solltest auf jeden Fall Taschentücher bereithalten. Das Buch kann ich auch nur wärmstens empfehlen.

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oh die sind aber hübsch shiny ♥
Ich mag vorallen Spring und Autumn so in ihrer Gesamtheit. Sehr, sehr toll geworden. Dieser weiße Fleck, wenn ich das mal salopp so nennen darf, ist toll!
Und 17 bricht mir das Herz *heul*

Mal wieder ein Augenweide, meine Liebe :)

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und ich glaube ja, du hast den tiefen Plan die Weltherrschaft an dich zu reißen, während du alle anderen mit unfassbar tollen Gifs ablenkst ;)

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These are so stunning and I love how you interpreted the theme! The third spring and the entire autumn set are just ridiculously pretty and well-composed.

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Wow, such lovely icons (and gif :P) here! I especially love 2, 4, 12, and 20!

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take a few icons, thanks)