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Icons; Amanda, The Vampire Diaries (+ a few thoughts)...

Hi my lovelies, I'm back with another batch for [ profile] celebs20in20 (of Amanda Seyfried, because I'm that predictable) and another 20 icons of Amanda and "The Vampire Diaries". I'm pretty okay with most of the 20in20 icons, although the Category set doesn't please me that much. I really wanted to work with this new photoshoot of Amanda, because the pics were lovely; but in the end, they were hell to work with - lots of contrast, very little colour. I tried, failed and re-did all of them with textures. Yeah, still not pretty, but not as ugly as before. :S

As for "The Vampire Diaries": My love for Caroline knows no bounds, so it's mostly her. A few from Season 1, a few of her and Tyler from the latest episode (nothing really spoiler-y, though). I don't really know what to think of the last episode, so I'm not writing much. Loved it overall for the thrill of it, loved Caroline, hated really not liked Matt (although they tried so hard in the last ep; sorry show, it's not working), the Tyler twist makes me really, really nervous, everything else (Elena, Stefan, Damon, the Triangle of Doom) was blah. ;)

Okay, let's move on to the icons:
Amanda Seyfried for [ profile] celebs20in20
01-06 - Amanda Seyfried (alternates and icons from the last challenge at [ profile] amandastills)
07-21 - The Vampire Diaries (S1 Caroline, "The Reckoning" Caroline/Tyler)


Orange With a Girl Fav Color Smile Profile
Name Halloween Border Pattern Shocked

5 CATEGORY – Favorite Photoshoot

1 2 3 4 5


one. two. three. four. five.

Amanda Seyfried

The Vampire Diaries

Have fun and enjoy! ♥

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