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Icon and rambling overload; I'm sorry.

Okay, so this post has been in the queue for what feels like an eternity... Because of that, I'll take the liberty to tick off some topics from my to-do list. So excuse me if this post seems to be all over the place, it's just a random collection of thoughts. ;)

First of all, I watched "Never Let Me Go", which is a truly depressing movie. On a scale from 1 to "Atonement" (because let's be honest, "Atonement" is the most depressing movie. of. all. time.) I'd give it an 8, solely for Carey Mulligan's amazing performance. It was fantastic how she conveyed every single emotion through her eyes. She was beautiful to watch, as was Andrew Garfield if I may say so - they had perfect chemistry (the kids, too - and the kids' performances were great in their own right). But holy f*cking Batman, what a sad and beautiful movie. Has anyone of you guys read the book?

Secondly, I'm in the process of finding a topic for my thesis - I actually found a topic I'm quite interested in, the only thing is I have to e-mail my professor and ask him if the topic is as okay as I hope it is. I'm a bit scared he rejects it and I have to settle for something I have no real understanding of. *sigh* :S

Also, just a few quick notes on "The Vampire Diaries", because they were on my mind since the premiere: Am I the only one who doesn't know what to think of Elena? She condemns one brother for the things he's done (which is the right thing to do, of course) and totally ignores the bad things the other brother has done and does right now. Why? Your hypocrisy, I see it. Bring back Katherine and get rid of Elena, please. Also, am I getting this right: Caroline's gay dad tries to "fix" her and change her very nature, a thing she has no control over whatsoever? Shouldn't he, I don't know, know better than this? As much as I love Papa Bennet Jack Coleman, there is something not quite right here. Nevertheless, I loved HRG as Caroline's dad and I hope he will be back.
Besides that, I kind of lose interest in all the main characters. Elena is just plain stupid by now; I never really cared for Damon to begin with (although I always liked Ian Somerhalder, this is difficult for me, okay!); I don't know what the show's doing with Stefan - I never really liked him either, but that his killing innocents gets whitewashed constantly enrages me to no end; I hate Matt with a fiery passion; and where the heck is Bonnie? I adore Caroline and I'd love to see more of her and her mom and Tyler. The rest of the storylines... are rather boring right now. :S

Last but not least, a quick question that bugs me everytime I post an icon batch: Has anyone else got the problem of not knowing when exactly to post icons? (And with "when", I clearly don't mean the time of day or month.) I'm always like: "Oh well, I'm still making icons for Topic A, so the post has to wait." Which results in me never making a post, because they're too old or I don't like them anymore or I never stop iconing a certain topic/celeb. (I'm looking at you, Ms. Seyfried!)
That's why I've grown to like 20in20 challenges so much. I have to post the icons someday. I'm loving deadlines anyway and really can't live without them anymore. (Try writing a paper due "sometime". Duh, it took me nearly 3 years to finish it.)

But oh well, this time I'm posting a batch - no challenge, no deadline, still iconning these people/movies and nevertheless, a post here is! It's mainly a collection of my entries at [ profile] amandastills with some "Titanic" and "Atonement" (of course!) icons thrown in.

Sorry for the long prologue, I will shut up now and tell you what's in the post:
01-23 - Amanda Seyfried
24-30 - Titanic (I wanted to icon a lot of Rose, but the caps were a pain (for me at least) - and I was just incapable of producing anything I liked really; so there are fewer than I wanted and they turned out worse than I imagined. Oh well...)
31-44 - Atonement (I can't get over how beautiful this movie is, so excuse the overload of posts about it! It breaks my heart everytime I watch/read it, but it's so tremendously perfect, I just can't stop...)

Amanda Seyfried



"But now I can no longer think what purpose would be served if, say, I tried to persuade my reader, by direct or indirect means, that Robbie Turner died of septicaemia at Bray Dunes on 1 June 1940, or that Cecilia was killed in September of the same year by the bomb that destroyed Balham Underground station. That I never saw them in that year. That my walk across London ended at the church on Clapham Common, and that a cowardly Briony limped back to the hospital, unable to confront her recently bereaved sister. That the letters the lovers wrote are in the archives of the War Museum. How could that constitute an ending? What sense or hope or satisfaction could a reader draw from such an account? Who would want to believe that they never met again, never fulfilled their love?"

Have fun, my lovelies! ♥

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