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Icons; Misfits for [ profile] inspired20in20 and a few other random things

at·trac·tion, noun, /əˈtrakʃ(ə)n/: the action or power of evoking interest in or liking for someone or something; a quality or feature that evokes interest, liking, or desire; a force under the influence of which objects tend to move towards each other.

Attraction is this month's theme at [ profile] inspired20in20 for which I claimed "Misfits" (which is perfect for this, if you ask me, because that whole show is super attractive, lol ;)). So, this batch is centred on Alisha's character and her relationship to Simon because these two are what primarily attracts me to the show. I tried to structure my set by concentrating first on Alisha herself (because I love her and she is beautiful and she has the most beautiful screencaps - I mean, seriously, all those profile and close shots... perfect) and then on the developing relationship between her and future!Simon and Simon himself (I ignored that uber-depressing ending of series 3).

The rest of this post contains some alternates and a few icons from the Magic Challenge at [ profile] magicnook, which was a lot of fun (I even placed twice, yay!). That's why the second half of this post is all over the place concerning fandoms and styles. ;)

All in all, 38 icons for you:
01-30 Misfits (01-20 for [ profile] inspired20in20)
31-32 The Borgias and The Vampire Diaries
33-36 Movies (Sucker Punch, Slumdog Millionaire, Tangled)
37-38 Megan Fox and Candice Accola


TV shows (Misfits [alts, rejects, Magic Challenge], The Borgias, TVD)

Movies (Sucker Punch, Slumdog Millionaire, Tangled)

Celebs (Megan Fox, Candice Accola)

I hope you enjoy! ♥

→ texture credit goes to [ profile] innocent_lexys @ [ profile] satine_violet, [ profile] 3psy and [ profile] raiindust @ [ profile] aintafairytale

P/S: I wanted to say thanks to everyone who commented on my last icon post. I didn't have the chance to say thank you to each of you individually because my internet sucks and so many things kept distracting me. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate every single comment I get! Thank you very much, my lovelies! ♥

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