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sheeplover0104 ([personal profile] sheeplover0104) wrote2011-11-16 05:29 pm

Icons; Atonement for [ profile] inspired20in20

So, I finished my first round over at [ profile] inspired20in20. (Yay!) The theme was "season" and I claimed "Atonement" (Quelle surprise!). It was a bit overwhelming at first but yay, I finished! I took the different "chapters" of the movie, the journey of Robbie and Cecilia and took them as the several seasons of their love - starting with spring (the slowly growing awareness of their love for each other), summer (hot sex in the library their awakening and ~the evening of loveTM), following autumn (Robbie's time in France because the cinematography in that is stunning and, tbh, I had the most fun with this sequence) and finally winter (Briony's "atonement", Robbie's and Cecilia's deaths and their "happy ending").
The overall theme was my main inspiration for now (I feared it'd be too much had I used more), but I used some of the provided textures by [ profile] lookslikerain and [ profile] sintonia as well.

Spring - Two Figures by a Fountain

Summer - Damn you, Briony!

Autumn - Robbie's way back home

Winter - I gave them their happiness.

I hope you like them. ♥

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