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Recurring TVD icon post; feat. Caroline, Rebekah and Tyler...

Okay, I made a crapload of TVD icons: a bunch of Caroline icons, of course (a random collection of Season 2 and 3 scenes), some Caroline/Tyler icons (as always), also 2 or 3 Rebekah (however you spell her) icons because I kind of like her.

While we're at it, a few random thoughts on yesterday's TVD episode:

Okay guys, please tell me there is someone out there who hates Matt as much as I do! I can't believe they're dragging down Jeremy to prop Matt and I cannot believe they're even comparing Matt's "sacrifice" (come on, he chose Elena over Vicky; it was not like he the Town's or even someone else's safety over his beloved sister - he chose his ex-girlfriend [who he's still obsessed over, me thinks] over his already dead sister) to Jeremy's hanging on to the girl he still loves.
I just... I hate Matt so much. I don't even know what it is about him that rubs me the wrong way... he's just so useless and I can't hear his whining anymore. He's the only one of the kids who's still human - he can easily walk away from all of this, so don't tell me his live is so fucking hard when everyone else's life is as hard or even harder. I just can't hear it anymore.

On a positive note: Caroline was still awesome and I love that they seem to rekindle her friendship with Bonnie. These two need some storylines apart from Elena, Damon, Stefan... (Matt; although I fear they're setting up Matt/Bonnie; meh, still better than Matt/Caroline.)

I loved Anna and I'm so sad she's gone (can she come back, please?). But I'm so glad she found her mom. Excuse me while I wipe away my tears.

Mason's back and I loved that he wasn't out for revenge but redemption. See, this is how you do it - you don't need to show some tragic background to make someone more likeable (I'm looking at you, Matt!); show me that he recognises his own mistakes and wants to do better and wants to help others get better and I'm all sold. I liked his scenes with Damon. I... think it was kind of refreshing to see other character constellations.

I wish Lexi could have stayed. I wish Lexi and Caroline could have met. So much wasted potential on both points. :(

Elena... oh Elena. She's such a hyprocrit, I can't even. The things she told Jeremy? Yeah, whatever, look at yourself, honey! Where the heck is Katherine when I need her? Can't we just switch the two of them, please?

Well, okay, I'm all good. I'm sorry for the mini-rant. It's not like I don't like TVD, some (okay, most) of the storylines just rub me the wrong way at the moment. I hope it gets better (when they kill of Matt eventually, hopefully).

I'm shutting up now. I still have icons.
01-26 The Vampire Diaries (Caroline from S2 and S3, Caroline/Tyler from 3.03 and 3.06, Rebekah)







Hope you enjoy! ♥

On a more personal note: I'm still cowardly avoiding taking the final steps for my thesis. (I still need to e-mail two professors concerning the papers I've written in the last semester. I also still need to finish one last paper in Diachrony. I just... I only have one month left and I have to meet this deadline. Blergh.)

We also finally have a new cat. She's still sort of nameless (she was supposed to be called 'Jack' because she was supposed to be a tomcat... but she's definitely not) and pretty much scared by everything (but a sweetheart and very cuddly if she's gotten used to someone). ;)

I really need to shut up now. ♥

P/S: If anyone needs an invite code for Dreamwidth (maybe for a back-up blog when LJ is down again), let me know.

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